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Friends of DHA is a nonprofit that raises funds to support self-sufficiency programming for the Denver Housing Authority’s (DHA) Resident & Community Connections Department (RCC).  The essential funding provided by Friends of DHA helps to sustain a wide variety of current programs and services to residents in and around DHA’s affordable housing communities.

Friends of DHA is charged with pursuing new avenues of funding, expanding services to more households both within and outside of DHA’s subsidized housing properties, and creating new opportunities for more people throughout the Denver metro area.

Doing more for those who have less!

Our Mission

The mission of Friends of DHA is to promote self-sufficiency and independent living for low-income families and individuals through board leadership and fundraising.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To provide self-sufficiency programming for residents with two main goals:


  • Help people move out of poverty and achieve economic independence.

  • Provide services to help senior citizens and people with disabilities remain in their homes without the need for assisted living.

We Need Your Support Today!

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