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Friends of DHA helps fund innovative programming that supports self-sufficiency and economic independence for low-income families.  Check out our five core areas of focus.


Community Building

Each of DHA’s sites is a unique community with its own strengths and needs.  All of these communities have elected a resident council and are collectively served by a city-wide resident council.  These councils provide advocacy, education, civic engagement, and leadership opportunities to residents of the housing authority.

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DHA’s  economic self-sufficiency programs provide residents of public housing and Section 8, as well as low-income families of the Denver area, with resources and case management to become economically self-sufficient.  Program services include education, employment, financial literacy training, and home ownership preparation.


DHA’s ConnectHome Denver program is a HUD initiative that aims to address the digital divide that exists for residents as many do not have access to the internet, which has become such a critical tool in the 21st century. Through a partnership of nonprofits and internet companies, ConnectHome Denver is providing low-cost internet, computer devices, and digital training classes that teach residents how to use them. We strive to provide every resident at DHA with the digital access and tools they need to reach their goals in education, healthcare, and employment.


Healthy Living

Many seniors and individuals with disabilities live on limited income.  Our aging in place programs provide resources and services that allow these individuals to live full and productive lives for as long as possible without the need for nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

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Youth Development

Almost half of DHA residents are children.  Children from low-income families have a greater risk than their peers of  dropping out of school, having poor health, exhibiting behavioral problems, and becoming teen parents.  DHA works with key partners that provide supportive programming to our children to enhance education, develop leadership skills, and provide a foundation for self-sufficiency.

Transform Lives with Your Donation.

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