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Friends of DHA Board

A Message to the Board

At Friends of DHA, we're driven by a powerful mission: to empower low-income individuals towards self-sufficiency and independent living. As stewards of this mission, our Board of Directors is deeply committed to catalyzing fundraising initiatives, fostering partnerships, enhancing public awareness, and crafting strategic plans.

As we embrace this exciting phase of growth, we're eager to build upon our past achievements and set new milestones. Our objectives include:

  • Expanding our network of volunteers and donors, whose generosity fuels our programs and initiatives. Board members are encouraged to actively engage in volunteering opportunities.

  • Cultivating partnerships across diverse sectors, from nonprofits and businesses to local leadership and government entities. These collaborations are essential in advancing our mission and impacting more lives.

  • Elevating participation and fundraising efforts for our Annual Wall of Fame gala. Whether securing sponsorships, contributing auction items, or lending support on event committees, every contribution amplifies our impact.

  • Providing strategic guidance to steer the future direction of Friends of DHA, ensuring our initiatives align with our overarching goals.


Together with DHA, we play a transformative role in the lives of 26,000 residents, offering not just subsidized housing but also vital programs and relationships that foster economic self-sufficiency, independent living, and an enhanced quality of life. As a board member, you possess the unique opportunity to effect real change in the lives of our residents. Your leadership, expertise, time, and resources are invaluable assets in driving our mission forward. Join us in making a lasting difference in our community.

Board Meetings

Board meetings occur every other month (1.5 hours each), at DHA’s central office,1035 Osage Street Denver, CO 80204. 


Board meetings are held in person and virtual.  Zoom meeting links will be posted a week prior to the meeting.

Board Members

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